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Simple steps to enrol into Intune for iOS devices

Step by step method to enrol into Intune company portal app

1. Go to the App store to download and install the Intune Company Portal app on your device 2. Open Company Portal and sign in with your Email account

3. When prompted to receive Company Portal notifications, tap Allow to be updated

4. On the Set-up access screen, select Begin

5. The Select device and enrolment type screen appears and prompts for your device type.

· Tap (Organization) owns this device if you received your device from your organization. Then skip to secure entire device in this article to finish setup.

Tap I own this device if you're using a personal device that you brought from home. Then continue to the next step

6. On the Device management and privacy screen, read through the list of device information your organization can and can't see. Then tap Continue

7. Tap on continue to set up the device to access email, WIFI and apps for the work

8. Enter your device password. Then tap Install

9. The next screen is a standard system warning about device management. To continue with installation, tap Install. If prompted to trust remote management, tap Trust.

10. Tap on Always allow to allow the company portal app to access the location.

Intune enrolment completed

11. After installation is complete, tap Done. You'll know that setup is complete when all items in the list show a green checkmark. Tap Done

Now you can see the number of devices enrolled with INTUNE under your Account

To verify that the profile was installed, go to the Profiles & Device Management settings. You should see the profile listed under Mobile Device Management


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