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Simple steps to enrol into Intune for Android devices

Step by step method to enrol into Intune portal

1. Install the free Intune Company Portal app from Google Play Store

2. Tap on Install, and once the installation gets completed, tap on Open and Sign in

3. Enter Your Email id and password 4. Enter the Verification code received in your Phone

5. Tap on Begin to Access your Email account, Applications and WIFI 6. Review what your organization can and can't see. Then tap CONTINUE.

7. Review what to expect in the upcoming steps. Then tap NEXT.

Detailed walkthrough of Intune enrolment:

Depending on your version of Android, you might be prompted to allow access to certain parts of your device. These prompts are required by Google and not controlled by Microsoft.

Tap Allow for the following permissions:

a) Allow Company Portal to make and manage phone calls: This permission enables your device to share its international mobile station equipment identity (IMEI) number with Intune, your organization's device management provider. It's safe to allow this permission. Microsoft will never make or manage phone calls.

b) Allow Company Portal to access your contacts: This permission lets the Company Portal app create, use, and manage your work account. It's safe to allow this permission. Microsoft will never access your contacts.

If you deny permission, you'll be prompted again the next time you sign in to Company Portal. To turn off these messages, select Never ask again. To manage app permissions, go to the Settings app > Apps > Company Portal > Permissions > Phone.

Activate the device admin app :

Company Portal needs device administrator permissions to securely manage your device. Activating the app lets your organization identify possible security issues, such as repeated failed attempts to unlock your device, and respond appropriately.

Once you accept the required permissions, the device will start registering in to INTUNE

If the device settings does not meet the Compliance criteria set by Intune admin, User will get the notification message in Company portal app.

"Tap on continue to Update the Device settings"

As per the Compliance Policy, the required password type should be “At least Numeric”, so to resolve the device settings, the company portal will take automatically to change the Android device Password Setting.

Draw the current pattern/pin/password to change the Settings

Try to set the new password as well do remember the password to Log in to the Android device.

Set the New password and tap on Continue

Once the New Password will be set, Company portal app will confirm the device settings and make the device compliance

When setup is complete, tap DONE.

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