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Are you interested in a career in tech? do you want to know which job is in high demand? Or which job offers higher salary? You have come to right place. Here you find all the answers for the above questions at the end of this article.

Money is a major drive when it comes to deciding on a professional sector of work. Following years of study and certifications, it is crucial to choose a career that not only matches your skill set and interests, but also supports the lifestyle you desire.

Lets take a look at 18 IT most in demanding jobs

1. Information Systems (IS) Manager

IT managers plan and organise the information technology functions of a company. They manage technical teams and look for new ways to improve IT systems. IT managers are in high demand because businesses want to ensure that their information systems are running well and that their IT teams are led by skilled professionals.

Skill set:

  • Experience with database management system software, ERP software, web platform development software, and related tools

  • Knowledge of hardware, software, engineering, and mathematics

  • Knowledge of business management principles general business operations

  • Customer service, communication, and management skills

2. Network Administrator

Network and computer systems administrators are responsible for day to day operation of computer systems and networks. They install, organize and support organisational support systems such as local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs),intranets and other data communication systems . These professionals are highly in demand because networks and systems are vital to providing an internet connection.

Skill set:

  • Troubleshooting and communication skills

  • Analytic and diagnostic skills

  • A willingness to be on call after hours

  • Professional certifications

3. Web Designer

Web designers focus on the visual aspect of website creation. They need to plan, create, code internet sites and design web pages as per client interest and specifications where that is not always easy .They work to improve both the specific asset users interact with, called the user interface (UI), and the overall interaction users have with a webpage, or user experience (UX). They are in demand because all companies with websites seek to optimize their visitors' experience with their pages.

Skill set:

  • Using Design Software and visual design

  • Programming language like JavaScript’s and coding language like HTML and CSS

  • Time management, communication, Problem solving, teamwork and research skills

4. Network/Cloud Architect

A network/cloud architect designs, develops, and manages solutions for an organisation network, projects and application. Network/cloud architects typically have a strong understanding of multiple operating systems in addition to networking, programming, and security skills.

Skill set:

  • Strong knowledge of cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google platform.

  • Experience with ITSM, networking, I&O, governance, automation, and vendor management.

  • Excellent communication skills

5. Data Scientist

A data scientist's primary task is to analyse the obtained data and interpret the complicated variables and patterns. This enables the firm to make better judgments in less time and at a lower cost. This position is in high demand because people want to ensure that their decisions are based on consistent patterns in data and statistics.

Skill set:

  • Identifying business problems and providing solutions

  • Understanding machine learning algorithms and processing large data sets

  • Creating data models and visualization

  • Coding in languages like Python and other analytical tools

6. Information security Analyst

Information security analysts is responsible for protecting information systems against cyber threats such as hackers. These IT pros use many strategies to keep companies' data safe following government laws and regulations

Skill set:

  • Strong technical and analytical skills

  • Designing, Analysing and implement IT security systems

  • Assessing risks to determine improvements for security policies and protocols

7. Web Developer

Web Developers create and maintain Websites. They are in responsible of ensuring that all videos, graphics, and text on webpages are properly displayed. Most developers are well-versed in both front-end and back-end development.

Skill set:

  • Strong coding abilities and understanding of multiple programming languages are required.

  • Communication abilities are required to work closely with clients to obtain requirements.

  • Front-end and back-end coding abilities are required.

  • Management of installations in diverse contexts, including the cloud

8. Artificial intelligence engineer

Artificial intelligence engineers are individuals who use AI and machine learning techniques to develop applications and systems that can help organizations increase efficiency, cut costs, increase profits, and make better business decisions.

Skill set:

  • Deep knowledge of mathematics and statistics

  • Solid programming skills with knowledge of Python, R and Torch

  • Working knowledge of TensorFlow and related technologies is required

  • Understanding of technologies related to AI like Machine Learning, neural networks and Deep Learning

9. Mobile application developer

Mobile application developers design, test and maintain apps for smartphones. These developers create various types of apps, including games, security-related apps, mobile banking apps and social media apps. Mobile app developers frequently collaborate with other developers and designers to generate app prototypes and develop a launch strategy.

Skill set:

  • Developing Mobile user interface

  • Knowledge of developing apps in different platforms

  • Knowledge of programming using modern programming language

  • Detail oriented and creative skills

10. Software Engineers

Software Engineers primary duties are designing, developing, installing, testing, and maintaining software systems. They also help build software systems that power networks and devices and ensure that those systems remain functional

Skill set:

  • Strong programming language like C#, C++, HTML, Java, Microsoft .NET, and SQL Server

  • Analytical, technical and strong communication skills

11. Python Developer

Python developers are computer programmers who specialize in writing server-side web application logic. By using Python programming language they develop, debug, and implement application projects. They also connect applications with third-party web services and support front-end developers with application integration.

Skill Set:

  • Knowledge of Python web frameworks and event-driven programming in Python.

  • Basic understanding of front-end technologies.

  • High attention to detail.

  • Excellent communication and problem-solving skills.

  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools

12. DevOps Engineer

A DevOps engineer implements methods, tools, and strategies to balance needs throughout the entire software development life cycle, from coding and deployment to maintenance and upgrades.

Skill set

  • Strong knowledge of coding and scripting

  • Understanding of Python, Ruby, Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Bash, Shell and Node

  • Knowledge of deployment and network operations

13. Computer system analyst

Computer systems analysts, sometimes known as systems architects, examine and create enhancements to an organization's existing computer systems and procedures. As a result, these analysts contribute to the organization's overall efficiency.

Skill set

  • Complex problem solving ,evaluate and implement solutions

  • Deep knowledge of hardware and software applications

14. Java Developers

Java developers Responsible for developing applications and software using the Java programming language, these specialized programmers collaborate with fellow software engineers, web developers, and others to use Java for developing business applications, websites and more

Skill set

  • Proficiency in Java, with a thorough understanding of its ecosystems

  • knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Patterns and Concepts

  • Familiarity with different design and architectural patterns

  • Skill for writing reusable Java libraries

  • Understanding of Java concurrency patterns

15. Database Administrator

Database administrators, often known as DBAs, ensure that data analysts can simply use the database to locate the information they require and that the system functions properly. DBAs may collaborate with an organization's management team to understand the company's data need and establish the database's goals.

Skill set

  • Good technical knowledge in databases and query languages

  • understanding of information legislation, such as the Data Protection Act

  • Good Organisational, communication and analytical skills

16. Cyber security Analyst

A Cybersecurity Analyst is a professional who analyze, design and implement security systems to protect an organization's computer networks from cyber attacks. They review computer networks and identifying any potential vulnerabilities, installing the necessary software in order to protect it from unauthorized access, and documenting detections so that future breaches can be mitigated efficiently .

Skill set

  • Strong Understanding of firewalls, proxies, SIEM, antivirus and IDPS concepts

  • excellent IT skills, including knowledge of computer networks, operating systems, software, hardware and security

  • Good understanding in fundamental computer forensics skill

17. Technical support Engineer

These professionals design, build, repair all the hardware and software also Continuously monitor and maintain systems and networks. They also Respond to technical support calls from other staff members or clients and communicate how to resolve issues.

Skill set

  • Strong technical background in software and hardware systems

  • Excellent trouble shooting skills

  • Knowledge of system administration and customer service skills

18. IoT (Internet of Things) Engineer

Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the fastest-growing technologies today. An IoT engineer is a multi-skilled person who manages the device connectivity, works on sensors and software updates to keep the technology upgraded for people. These professional connect people their smart lives, influencing every aspect of their lives and accelerating the system's growth

Skill set

  • Strong programming language like Java and Python

  • Knowledge of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

  • Understanding Hardware Design and architecture

Now, we shall see the average salaries for these jobs in USD, GBP and in INR for year 2022. This pay scale may subject to change periodically *

We have come to an end of this topic, hope you find it useful and informative to give an idea on your career outlook and average payscale for it.


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