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What is Microsoft Intune and its benefits in real businesses

Today, we are going to discuss about a topic that has significant importance on SECURITY and DEVICE MANAGEMENT.

Mostly corporate and enterprise businesses considering the cyber threats and attacks where so worried on how to secure their data, applications, devices and how to manage it effectively by applying their security policies, patch controls and other security baselines to safe guard.

We have to remember cyber attacks on organization not only compromises the data but also have a huge financial impact or loss.

To solve this alarming threat for the organizations, Microsoft introduced a cloud-based endpoint management solution called Microsoft Intune.

"That’s great, what a sigh of relief for the organization"…………………….

Now let’s see, What is Microsoft Intune in detail

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that integrates mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), it has also recently extended his support to Windows device management, Apple MacOS devices and Linux devices into the IT capabilities of your organisation.

IT administration teams have far greater control over company and personal devices with MS Intune.

Microsoft Intune has great compliance and reporting feature structure that supports Zero Trust Security Model.

IT admins have full control of how devices are used, what policies to enforce that gives you direct control over mobile applications, security patches for deployment and other company related policies.

MS Intune - Key features and benefits

  • Manage users and devices like Windows, Android, Apple Mac, iOS devices.

  • Simplifies application management with a built-in app experience, application deployment, updates, and deletion.

  • Automates policy deployment for applications, security, device configuration, compliance and conditional access policies.

  • Intune Self-service features in the company portal app which enables users to reset a PIN/password, install apps, join groups etc.,

  • Integrates with mobile threat defence services, including Account Identity, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and other third-party partner services.

  • A web-based GUI admin console that focuses on endpoint management, including data-driven reporting for administrators.

  • Intune integration with other Microsoft products and services that focus on endpoint management.

  • Device tracking can be enabled and managed remotely by administrators.

  • Password enforcement can be pushed across Users devices to change their password as a part of security measure.

  • Device Inventory can be maintained in Intune by enrolling company owned devices and personal devices.

  • Remote data wipe is a very useful feature for administrators to wipe the device if its stolen or lost by users

  • Application protection policies can be created for protecting the applications individually to granular level.

  • Reports and System Logs can be maintained on the device and application management.

  • Security and Compliance standard can be increased significantly by assigning policies to the devices and restricting from cyber attacks.

How to avail this Microsoft Intune service?

In order to benefit from Microsoft Intune service, we need to purchase user based licenses and assign them, below are the list of licensing plans and you can choose based on the requirements.

How Microsoft Intune benefits in real business?

Now that you have learned about the features provided by Microsoft Intune, let's look at how this software service can benefit your company. Keep in mind that Intune solves a variety of business problems, some of which you may not have considered.

Microsoft Intune mitigates the risks of your employees accessing organisational emails and data.

Microsoft Intune can control what content devices and users to access, that will ensure the organizations cyber security.

Security policies and rules can be created for devices to ensure corporate data is protected to full potential on company owned devices.

Administrators can remotely deploy applications and updates to Intune managed devices (Windows and Mobiles devices)

Organization can maintain a security standard and can automatically flag, if the devices are in shortfall, hence they can validate and have control on the Intune managed devices.

Microsoft Intune also prevents unauthorized access on the devices by assigning related policies.

It can isolate data related to organization and secure it with related security features from personal devices.

With Intune, you can track employee productivity by seeing how much time is spent on each application on an enrolled device.

Microsoft Intune reduces the costs associated with managing on-premise servers.

Hope you have understood about Microsoft Intune, in the next blog we can see how to apply these Intune policies in real scenario and manage the devices as discussed above. Stay tuned…..


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