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How to schedule a meeting invite in MS Teams

Login to MS teams app using

Enter your login credentials providing your Email address and password

Once logged into MS teams, navigate on the left side tabs and look for "Calendar"

Click on the "Calendar" tab, it will open the calendar chart

On the top right corner, you can find a tab " + New meeting"

Once you click on that tab, it will expand the New meeting page

We can select the specified time zone

On the "Add title bar" you can type the topic agenda name scheduled for the meeting

On the next tab, you can add the required people/attendees who are invited for the meeting

Then, you can schedule the specified time and date

On the fourth tab, we can click on the drop down list and can choose the meetings either to be recurring/monthly/weekly/daily/yearly

In teams, we can even include channels which will have list of members already added (i.e specified groups)

We can add the specific location, we can specify meeting rooms / conference rooms / whiteboard rooms etc.,

Then comes the description tab, in which you can add the detailed information about the meeting invite.

Then click on "Save" which will be on the top right corner.


Now, you can view meeting scheduled in calendar and invitees will receive the meeting schedules as well.


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