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How to Create Microsoft SharePoint Team Site

Hello All, let’s see how to create a Microsoft SharePoint Team site in SharePoint Online.

If you are not sure, what is Microsoft SharePoint you can quickly refer our previous blog

which explains in detail about SharePoint.

In Microsoft SharePoint, there are two types of sites namely available,

1) Team Site

2) Communication Site

Now, you will have a question what is Team Site and Communication Site and when to create those and in what situation ?

Team Site :

Team Site is used mainly for creating a private space to collaborate within your team.

Microsoft created this site for team collaboration among different team members and different projects or business Units or departments working for the common outcome.

Team can share their contents, documents and use this site for storing data in a common platform for easy access within the team.

We can stay updated with project status, if required we can track the progress have an internal discussion within the project sharing the common document with the entire team. In Teams site all site owners and members can publish data to the site content.

Communication Site:

Communication Site as the name suggests can be used broadly for communication or announcement to the entire team or organization. It engages the team to share information and inform viewers about the latest updates, engage huge crowd or thousands and more of viewers.

Many companies use this site has an Intranet (common) site for the organization for providing news feeds, highlighting company achievements, announcements, spreading communication to the entire organization about any events, updates, forum meetings, townhall meetings and any other common activities.

In communication site, there will be only few content authors like administrators and many site visitors or viewers.

Perfect ! In general terms, now you have understood what is team site and communication site.

Lets, jump now to the step by step demo of how to create a SharePoint Team site

First, login to the SharePoint online portal based on your tenant it will be and choose the option to click “+ Create site

Note: SharePoint Administrator will have option to create the site directly from his admin portal. Also, in order to create site you need to have respective admin permissions.

You will get an option to choose Team site and communication site, lets choose Team site for now. It asks you to enter Site name and Site description.

The moment you type in your Site name, it will show additional data like Group email address, Site address details added along with your new site name in this case its “Technet”

You can provide a description about the site, for which particular audience this site is created.

Next, to Site description there is a Privacy settings tab, which specifies the permission details of this site, it gives the option to create as "Private site" where only specified members can access the site


You can even choose "Public site", if anyone in the organization wants to access this site.

So, creating a Team site completely depends on the business requirements, whether you want this site to be restricted for a certain community or you want to make public for everyone in the project or organization to access it.

In this scenario, I have chosen "Private" clicked Next, it takes to the next page asking to “Add members” if users are already available you can provide their email address and add them to this group.

Best practice, I would suggest to create a Microsoft 365 group and manage the users by adding or removing them based on the requirements.

Once I have clicked “Finish” and created the site, it would show a prompt asking us to start designing our site, we can either click "May be later or Browse templates" to find some templates that are already available in Microsoft SharePoint.

I have chosen to click on “Browse templates” and able to see some templates that are available for designing templates based on business requirements.

You can choose any of the template or can close it by clicking “x” for default template to display.

Another important point to note, Microsoft provides some design templates to select or you can also design your own organization template and import it by clicking on

“From your organization” highlighted in the screenshot.

In this case, have clicked on close and went to the default team template and hence SharePoint Team site is created with default design.

Hurrah !!! that’s a magic, we have our SharePoint Team site created.

On the left navigation menu, you can find “Documents” click on that, you can start uploading your contents and share with your team members.

So, that’s it in very simple steps, we are able to create a SharePoint Team site, in the upcoming blogs we will describe in detail about how SharePoint permission works and how we can share content with others.

Hope this blog was useful, provide your valuable feedback and join our community to know more related updates, see you soon....


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